The recent political system in Indonesia regulates the government in each region should be elected by people themselves in gubernatorial election. Jakarta also will organize this political affair in July this year. In the meantime, the problem regarding the originality of leader becomes a critical debate. Some people argue that the gubernatorial must be from native Jakarta as a requirement. On the other hand, others argue that everybody who is the best candidate must lead Jakarta regardless his originality. This essay advocates belief that gubernatorial election citizens from outside Jakarta, such as Hidayat-Didik, Jokowi-Ahok and Alex-Nono, should be eligible to participate in Jakarta’s gubernatorial election.

The main argument to support is that Indonesia is a democratic country. Every Indonesian citizen has the right to elect and to be elected. In the other words, there is no law state that prevent citizen from outside Jakarta become elected.  Ministry of Home Affair in his official statement declares that citizens from outside Jakarta are allowed to be elected, and this policy covers all of region in Indonesia.

Another reason is that as a centre of Indonesia’s activities, Jakarta has important position in Indonesia wellbeing, whether in economy or in government. If there is something wrong happens in this city it will be an adverse effect in the national affair. As we know in newspaper and the other medias, Jakarta faces never ending problems that should be solved immediately. the tremendous trouble like daily traffic congestion and annually flood and it must be solved by best candidate as long as he or she are Indonesian people. We shall admit that “imported-candidates” show they excellent performance and track record.

Finally, Jakarta citizen now become multi-ethnic society. It has been a meeting point of cultural diversity of Indonesia. Jakarta represents all Indonesian people. In fact, we cannot define Jakartan only who was born in Jakarta.  There are some “kampung” consist of mainly some ethnic who came from outside Jakarta. For examples: Javanese, Bataks, Minangs, Arabs, and Chinese as permanent residences and they already mixed with the native.

In summary, choosing the candidate who is not native Jakarta become visible and might be the alternative way to get the best leader to handle executive body in Jakarta. I believe that we should give them opportunity to realize their plan for better city management and solve the Jakarta’s severe problems. []

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